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STNV studio.
The client
At STNV studio. , we believe that good design, responsive development and effective marketing are the keys to a successful business. We strive to create beautiful, intuitive websites that perform well in search engines, and our marketing campaigns are always tailored to our clients' unique needs. If you're looking for a web development studio that can help you take your business to the next level, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals.
The problem
We had a problem. We needed a beautifully crafted website that resonated with our vision. A place where people can get inspired from work. We were trying to create something that has the "wow factor". The option for CMS was a must, as we wanted to display our portolio projects dynamicly. We also needed a simple and fast way for our clients to communicate with us through our platform directly. Furthermore we needed a way to let people know about our work and find new clients.
The solution
We started by carefully analysing the market and competitors and creating a business strategy. We started planning how to execute the idea, we picked some colours, fonts and visuals and strated designing. After we had e beutifully crafted design with smooth motion animations, we moved on to developing our page and publishing it to our domain. After testing and making sure everything works perfecly we created a couple of social media profiles and strated paid social media advertising that would expose people to our work and turn them into our customer.
STNV studio. logo morph visualisation
STNV studio. responsive website design
STNV studio. responsive website visualisation
STNV studio. street posters website visualisation
STNV studio. street posters visualisation
STNV studio. deskop design UI/UX visualisation
STNV studio. deskop design UI/UX visualisation
STNV studio. business card design visualisation
STNV studio. business card design visualisation
“STNV studio. has always been a dream. After about 200 hours of work, we can finally say that dreams do come true”
John Doe, Web Developer