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SoLawi Aschaffenburg

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SoLawi Aschaffenburg
The client
SoLawi Aschaffenburg is a group of families and singles, young and of age, enthusiastic people who came together to create SoLaWi Aschaffenburg. The whole idea behind the project is to have a community agricultural land for sharing locally grown fruit and vegetable produce between members. In exchange for a small monthly fee, all individuals get an equally divided amount of work hours in the garden of SoLawi. At the end of every month, the produce is collected and divided equally among all participants. Combining having a great time with friends and doing enjoyable gardening work, SoLawi is a new type of self-sustained agricultural community structure, emerging all around Europe.
The problem
SoLawi Aschaffenburg has recently expanded its agricultural land, thus dramatically increasing its produce, work hours, and member capacity. In search of new team members, SoLawi needed a functional and responsive website, that carried the meaning behind being part of this self-sustained community. After meeting the Solawi Team for the first time we were immediately amazed by the idea and passion behind this project, so we started working together right away.
The solution
After purchasing a domain name and hosting space, we started designing and developing the SoLawi platform. The goal was to reach an end product that had fast loading speeds, up-to-date imagery, responsive design and a call to action that stands out accompanied by beautifully written text. The website consists of 4 main pages and 2 mandatory ones. It carries the SoLawis corporate design throughout every pixel. We chose the CTA to be a contact form, found at the end of every page, right next to a map that shows the exact location of the SoLawi agricultural land. Before signing up, a visitor can first check the members' agreement to be able to better understand how the community works as a whole. SoLawi Aschaffenburg was launched on the 22 of July 2022.
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