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Private Wing
The client
Since 2006, Private Wing has been offering their customers a selection of aircraft trolleys that have actually already been in use on planes. Their idea is the first one of its kind in Europe. The Private Wing trolleys are exceptionally special for aviation lovers and fans of unusual interior design. They also add value to offices, receptions, and shops. By upcycling used airplane trolleys, Private Wing gives them a second life. The trolleys are fully operational and well taken care of. What brings even more character to them are the individual signs of use. The original aircraft trolleys and units were designed for aviation, which is why they are incredibly durable and robust. You can count on Private Wing's quality.
The problem
Private Wing's online store was firstly built in 2012, so in terms of technologies and design, the website felt very outdated, according to the owners. We doubled on that in our first meeting. Private Wing also started COVID-19 Test Kits production, so they needed an immediate update to their CMS and its content. As you could imagine, shipping airplane trolleys around the world is also not an easy task. Their previous platform had no integration with logistic solutions, which made this task even harder. Furthermore, their payment provider was charging them transaction fees that were far higher than the top 10 online payment solution providers as of today.
The solution
We made an offer to Private Wing to start everything with a clean slate. After starting to work on this project, firstly we cleaned the whole server, rebuild the design and CMS, and imported all previous databases from the old system. We created a subpage that included all information about Private WIng's COVID-19 Test Kits separately from their airplane trolleys. Afterward, we created an API connection with Private WIng's logistics partner and connected Stripe as a payment method to the system.
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“I've had the pleasure of working with STNV studio. They are always willing to take on any challenge and will stop at nothing until they meet your expectations. They have a keen eye for detail and are a company I would recommend to anyone looking for web development services.”
Sabine Geiß, CEO of Private Wing