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Cashewshop UG
The client
Cashew Shop UG was founded in 2010 by Matthias Suffel with the chief principle of sustainably sourcing cashew nuts and cashew-derived products. By minimizing their transportation cycle and operating transparently, Cashew Shop ensures its customer a product range of the highest quality including flours, mousses, chocolates, oils, and even whiskey, all made from fairtrade and fair pay cashew nuts. Cashew Shop also minimizes its environmental footprint by strongly encouraging refills and reusable glass jars. In partnering up with the Eden Deforestation Project, Cashew Shop gives back by planting 5 trees for every 1 order.
The problem
The company's main problem was its lack of online presence, mainly social media accounts, a website, and search engine optimization. They were operating through a single physical store which did not generate enough revenue nor have foundational support. Prior to our work together, in 2020, Cashew Shop could barely operate due to the COVID - 19 pandemic restrictions, which drove their strong demand for an automated digital solution.
The solution
STNV Studio developed Cashew Shops UG's E-Commerce platform in 2021, which currently generates about 100,000 EUR annually, with 55,000 annual visitors. We also introduced DHL Shipping Integration and Stripe Payment Processing which hugely increased Cashew Shop UG's conversion rate. We believe in having successfully captured the company's quintessence and values through elevated design and thorough research on brand identity and communication. Cashew Shop is currently one of Germany's most visited online stores for nuts. Thank you Cashew Shop for believing in our work.

Matthias Suffel