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Hippocrates Health Institute
The client
Hippocrates Wellness began in 1956 under the passion and direction of its original co-founder and director, Ann Wigmore. Ann first became aware of the benefits of the living food lifestyle after curing herself of stage 4 colon cancer by consuming wheatgrass juice and other foods rich in vitamins and enzymes. One of Ann's biggest supporters was a doctor named Paul Dudley White. He was a faculty member at Harvard University. Dr White was also President Eisenhower's personal physician and founder of the American Heart Association. after dr White learned of Ann's methods of helping people heal, he began referring Ann to patients he could not "cure" with modern medicine.
The problem
Hippocrates Wellness nowadays has expanded to a 55-acre campus in West Palm Beach, Florida. It houses over 86 private and shared guest rooms, luxury villas, fitness, and medical facilities, an organic garden, a greenhouse, and a juice bar. The Life Transformation Program, created by Ann Wigmore, remains Hippocrates' most attended program to date. The plan was to expand Hippocrates Health Institute and open the door of the second center In Germany. There was the need for a beautifully crafted website that could resonate with the viewers and explain the indentity of the brand and its cause first glance.
The solution
A custom website following Hippocrates Wellness Design guidelines was crafted and developed with beautiful imagery, responsive design, and fast loading speeds. The website consists of 8 main pages and 2 mandatory ones. Part of the project was building a blog function and showing a preview of the blog section on most of the main pages. The main call to action of the website is booking a session for a free 15-minute call with a representative, where the customer gets to learn more about the program and ask any questions they might have. A dynamic newsletter system was implemented at the back end of the website to help visitors keep up with the latest Hippocrates news. Last but not least the client wanted to have a custom contact page where an email could be sent to the Hippocrates team directly from the contact page. The platform was launched on the 15 of May 2022.
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